Date: 03.03.2024
Author: mattbritton
Category: Care guide

This care guide is for our Knightsbridge Indulgent, Knightsbridge Enchanted, Knightsbridge Inspire, Passion Stripe and Tower Twist ranges.

Please note that this is advice; you remain responsible for executing the correct method of maintenance and cleaning for your carpet.

Keep your wool carpets looking great

  • vacuum regularly
  • attend to spills quickly
  • professionally clean

Vacuum cleaning

The most important step to maintaining your carpet is proper vacuuming. We recommend a complete vacuum once a week to remove dust and soil and to prevent particles becoming embedded in the pile. For extra heavy traffic areas more often is best. Use an upright canister vacuum with an adjustable rotating beater bar / brush for cut pile carpets. For loop pile carpets use a suction only vacuum. Go slow, give the vacuum time to do its job.

Preventative maintenance

You can prevent damage to your carpet by placing absorbent mats at the entrances to your home. These should be changed and cleaned when they become dirty.

Professional Cleaning

To keep your wool carpet looking as good as it did when it was first installed, we recommend periodic wet cleaning by a professional. Once every second year is suggested. Follow the expert’s advice and avoid walking on your carpet until it is dry – about 4 hours depending on the local climate.

Spot and Spill Removal

Don’t panic! Spills happen. Luckily wool is amazing at repelling most gunk. Removing spills is essential to looking after your precious wool carpet. When faced with an incident, speed is of the essence. Before applying any spotting agent pre-test it on an inconspicuous area of the carpet. The following tips will help:

Spilled liquids

Blot the spill with an absorbent, white cloth. Don’t rub. If you have one use an extraction spot cleaner.


Scoop up the guilty muck quickly. Most spills can be diluted with water and then blotted up, depending on what you dropped you might need something stronger (see below)

Offending Substance Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Alcoholic Drinks A B
Beetroot A B
Bleach A B
Blood C B
Butter D D
Chewing gum D C
Chocolate B C
Coffee A B C
Cooking oil C B
Cream B C
Egg B
fecal matter/ bad dog B J
Floor wax C B
Fruit juice A B
Furniture polish C B
Gravy/sauce E B C
Grease C B
Ink – ball point pen C G B
Ink – felt tip A B C
Ink – fountain pen E B F
Lipstick C B
Mustard B
Nail polish F C A
Oil C B
Paint – latex A B C
Paint – oil based I C B
Rust C B H
Salad dressing B C
Shoe polish C B
Soft drink A B
Urine *act fast on pet urine. It can cause permanent stains A B J
Vomit B
Wine I A B
Tea A B C
Tar C
Type of treatment
     Blot with cold water.
B      Treat with detergent solution.
C      Treat with mineral spirits or turpentine.


D      Chill with aerosol freezing agent or ice cubes in a plastic bag. Pick or scrape off gum.


E      Blot with warm water.


F       Treat with nail polish remover (preferably acetone).
G      Treat with isopropyl alcohol.


H       Apply rust remover.
I        Sprinkle absorbent powder (salt, talcum).
J       Treat with dry compound cleaner.

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