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Carpet Inspiration: Hall, Stairs and Landing Ideas

Small spaces can have a big impact in terms of style and function. Such spaces include the hallway, stairs and landing. These areas might often be forgotten, but they offer a great opportunity to make a lasting impression. They are important transitional parts of your home and, as a result, will see plenty of foot traffic. 

One way to improve the style and comfort of your hallway, stairs, and landing is to choose a luxury carpet. Quality carpets will enhance and add value to your hall, stairs, and landing. In this article, we’ll explore many different carpet ideas for stairs, hallways, and landings, to ensure that the first impression of your home is a memorable one.



Exploring Carpet Ideas for Your Hall Stairs and Landing

The entrance of your home says a lot about your style and personality. Hallways, staircases, and landings play an important role in creating and maintaining a comfortable and welcoming environment. One of the most effective ways to improve the beauty of these areas is to select the right carpet, and there are many modern carpet ideas to choose from.


Key Considerations When Carpeting Your Hall, Stairs, and Landing


Before getting into specific ideas for carpeting your stairs, hall and landing, it’s important to understand the main factors to consider when choosing the perfect carpet for these areas.


1. Durability

The hall, stairs, and landing are high-traffic areas, so durability should be a top priority. Look for carpets made from robust materials, such as nylon or wool, which can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. A durable carpet, like the Knightsbridge Indulgent collection, will maintain its appearance for years to come and cost you less in the long run.


2. Thickness

The thickness of the carpet matters, especially on stairs. It should be thick enough to provide comfort and absorb impact but not so thick that it poses a tripping hazard. Strike the right balance to ensure both safety and comfort. Consider low-pile or flat-weave carpets options from the Vogue Velvet Luxe or the Alpine collections, for staircases, ensuring stability while maintaining a comfortable area.


3. Colour and Style

The colour and style of your carpet can set the tone for your entire home. Lighter tones can make small spaces feel more spacious, while darker carpet shades, like the Carrera 177 or Monaco Storm, can add warmth and cosiness. As for style, you can opt for traditional, contemporary, or even patterned carpets to suit your decor preferences. Consider your existing décor and personal preferences when choosing the right colour and style. After all, these are essential considerations for any carpet in your home.


Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Hall

Your hallways set the tone for the rest of your home. It’s the first area guests see when they enter, so make it count. Consider the traffic it will receive when thinking about hall carpet ideas. Opt for a durable and easy-to-clean material. A short, dense pile carpet is a practical choice, as it can withstand heavy footfall while still looking fresh. 


Hall Carpet Ideas

When considering hall carpet ideas, take into account the size and the lighting of your hallway. Lighter carpets can make narrow halls appear more spacious, while dark hues can create a cosy ambience. Additionally, textured carpets can add interest and complement floorboards if they are also present.


Classic Elegance

Consider a neutral-coloured carpet with a suitable pattern. This creates an elegant and welcoming atmosphere in your hallway. Pair it with statement lighting and wall art to complete the look.


Bold Statements

If you want to make a bold statement, don’t shy away from vibrant colors or striking patterns. A colourful or patterned hall carpet, such as the Fabulous collection, can add character and personality to your home, creating a memorable entrance. Long hallway carpet runners can work well to really underpin a bold aesthetic.


Tone Match

Select a carpet for your hall that shares a tonal match with your landing or stair carpet. This creates a cohesive look without being too monotonous.


Runner Magic

Extend the use of carpet runners into your hallway for added visual interest. A runner in a bold colour pattern can transform a plain hallway into an eye-catching feature.


Finding the Best Carpet for Stairs


Knightsbridge Enchanted stair runner


Stairs are another high-traffic area, so it’s important to choose a carpet that can handle the pressure. The right carpet ideas for stairs should seamlessly combine practicality with style.


Stair Carpet Ideas

Stair carpets, particularly those with a low pile, or stair runners, can achieve an ideal balance between aesthetics and safety. Stair runners are elongated, narrow carpets that extend down the centre of your staircase, revealing the edges. They not only enhance the visual appeal but also offer a non-slip surface.


Patterned Elegance

Consider a luxurious and elegant patterned carpet for your stairs. You can choose from classic designs like floral, damask, or geometric patterns, which can add a touch of sophistication to your stairs and hallway. These patterns can make a bold statement and create a visually interesting focal point in your home.


Textured Neutrals

Opt for a neutral-coloured textured carpet for a timeless and versatile look. Shades like beige, grey, or cream with subtle textures or loop piles can provide a clean and contemporary appearance while also offering durability and easy maintenance. This choice can complement various interior styles and colour schemes.


Stair Runner Ideas


Carpet runners for stairs come in various materials, patterns, and colours. There are stair runner ideas to suit every style. That includes traditional, striped designs or a contemporary geometric pattern. Consider coordinating your stair runner’s colours with your hallway runner or carpet for a cohesive look. One particular style that can look incredible on stairs is a runner with unique leather binding on the outer sides.


Vintage Charm

Vintage-style stair runners with intricate patterns can bring a touch of old-world charm to your staircase.


Striped Patterns

Striped patterns can add a contemporary flair to your stairs, making them an impressive focal point in your home. Check out the Mississippi Collection.


Matching your Landing Carpet with Your Hall and Stairs

Create a cohesive look with carpet ideas for hall, stairs, and landing areas. It’s essential to choose a landing carpet that complements the other areas. Here are some ideas to achieve this:


Colour Coordination

Select a landing carpet that shares colours or patterns with the carpets in your hall and on your stairs. This creates a seamless transition and a continuous design theme.


Contrasting Accents

Alternatively, you can choose a landing carpet that contrasts with the carpets in your hall and on your stairs. This can create a visually striking effect and draw attention to the landing as a unique space. Think cream and black, or similar.


Make a Good First Impression with Hall, Stairs, and Landing Carpets from Matt Britton

Now that you have a wealth of carpet ideas for your hall, stairs, and landing, it’s time to turn your vision into reality. At Matt Britton, we offer a wide range of high-quality carpets that cater to different styles and preferences. 

Whether you prefer traditional elegance, contemporary flair, or something in between, Matt Britton’s range of luxury carpets has you covered.

Book an appointment to find your ideal carpet for your hall, stairs and landing today!

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