Knightsbridge Tower Twist

Knightsbridge Tower Twist

This luxury 100% New Zealand Wool carpet really delivers on durability.

Why Wool?  For hundreds of years, we’ve turned to wool to give us lasting luxury underfoot. Wool is warm and welcoming with a elegant style that delivers for every-day living.  As wool is a natural fibre it’s non-allergenic – it limits the growth of dustmites and bacteria and will absorb humidity in the atmosphere, releasing it back when the air becomes dry.  Its natural strength means that it will resist pile compression and tracking.  Wool has a structure and natural oils that give it an innate ability to resist dirt and stains.

Knightsbridge Tower Twist

100% New Zealand Wool

Available in 4m and 5m widths


Heavy Duty Domestic


Natural, sustainable and moth proof.


Available Colours

Tower Twist 200 Moonstone

Tower Twist 220 Mist

Tower Twist 210 Cloud

Tower Twist 230 Tornado

Tower Twist 190 Pebble

Tower Twist 250 Aluminium

Tower Twist 310 Silver Shadow

Tower Twist 40 Storm