Bentley Range

The Bentley – Exclusive to Matt Britton

For when only a feeling of opulence will do.  The Bentley uses a resilient nylon 66 ultra soft yarn – it will bounce back when walked on. This velvet carpet has fine, densely packed, tightly twisted tufts – these tufts blend together giving a rich sweep of colour that is visually stunning.

Where to Use:

Sitting Room, Bedroom, Hall, Stairs, Landing, Study, Dining Room

The Bentley

100% PA66

Available in 4m or 5m widths


Heavy Duty Domestic


Intenza Soft Yarn

Note: On-screen and printer colour and texture representations may vary from actual carpet and flooring.


Available Colours

Bentley 105

Bentley 305

Bentley 305

Bentley 112

Bentley 301

Bentley 314

Bentley 320

Bentley 120